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Are you looking to start a website to share your knowledge and passion or generate revenue through a niche hoppy or product? You need strong internet presents to be successful. For example lets say that I make hats this is my niche product and I want to generate revenue and get exposure from my hat site. If you type hats into google there are over 500,000,000 results. How do you separate your site from all the competition? When people type in hats to google how can your website be on the 1st page not the 28th? The answer KEYWORDS!!!

Reducing the Competition With Jaaxy

One of the biggest fears that people have when starting their own website is competition. How can I reduce and overcome it? By using Jaaxy Quoted Search Results(QRS) that show you the competition. When using a keyword on your website you want to aim for keywords that have under 200 QRS to separate you from the pack so that your site can be listen on the first page when people are using search engines to look for your passion or niche product. For example my website is about Health & Wealth. If I create a post about losing 10 pounds I want to make sure that the keywords in my post have low competitions so that my post will be seen by as many people as possible. Without using Jaxxy QRS if I type " lose 10 pounds" in google there are over 35,000,000 search results however if I useJaaxy QRSthey tell me if I create an article with the title "how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days" there are only 166 QSR's. By choosing this title it will help me leap over the competition to the front page of google, yahoo

Example of a Jaaxy Search result:

Look at the picture above and you will see green and yellow circles a green circle means that you are good to go and a yellow circle means there is slightly too much competition and a red circle means there is too much competition choose a different keyword. If you use the keywords with a green circle on your website your chances of being seen on the first page on google, yahoo increases dramatically. Thanks to Jaaxy our competition has been reduced

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Knowing Your Popularity With Jaxxy

Lets say that your Keyword has low competition but also has low monthly search volume. You could be the only website in town but if you have no viewers your website is useless. Jaaxy solves this problem by showing you how many people have search your keyword monthly. As you can see below I did a search on pension being that my site focuses on Health & Wealth. If you look at the key word "old age pension calculator" seven spaces down it shows a monthly search volume of 770 and a QSR competition of only 18. With these analytics provided free to me from Jaaxy I would then create a post on my website with the title "old age pension calculator" and then structure the body of my post in whichever way I want. Jaaxy gives you more knowledge and intern more control over the direction of your website.

As you can see keywords are an important tool to use when getting started online. If you want to share your knowledge, passion, niche product with the world you need to be seen by the world and Jaaxy gives you the knowledge to make your online dreams a reality. Use the keyword research box below to start reducing the competition and increasing your popularity.

Comments and questions are always welcomes. For more information I can be reached at Please share the knowledge on social media.

- David

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