How to Add and Use Categories to WordPress

In this article you will learn how to add and use categories to your WordPress site. WordPress categories provide a helpful way to group your related WordPress posts together. In other words WordPress categories are a very convenient way to organize or categorize your articles. In WordPress you can also create sub-categories under a main category; called child category or sub-category.

You can also assign your article to one or more categories or sub-categories. Now lets start to add categories to your WordPress site -

How to create WordPress categories

To create a new category, login to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Posts >> Categories.

Once you click on Categories, you reach to category creation page. For creating new category just fill in the category name, slug (slug will be used in the category URLs). As this is your first category so select "Non" under parent. You can write in brief about the category in description and finally click on Add New Category button. Your new category has been created which you can see on right side penal.

Now you have created your first category. Like wise you can create the multiple categories. Now I will show you how to create a sub-category or a child category. This is very simple, follow the same process as mentioned above. Only difference is, here you need to select the Parent category under "Parent".

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Hope now you have learnt it. Create as many categories or sub-categories as you want.

There are some WordPress plugins available to beautify your categories -

Easy Category Icons - A simple way to add images or font awesome icons to your categories.

Featured Images for Categories - Assign a featured image to a WordPress category.

Remove Category URL - This plugin removes /category' from your category permalinks. (e.g. `/category/my-category/` to `/my-category/`).

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