Car Detailing Vancouver: 4 Facts to Unlearn the Bad Ways

Keeping your car in style with the hippest and trending paint job there is would make you a proud car owner. Car detailing has been known to superficially give the impression of a car's well taken care of maintenance. As they all say, appearance does matter and would give an impression on at a first glance. This is the very reason as to why majority of society's car owners would allot extra cash on either hiring a car detailing Vancouver shop for maintenance and preventive pain loss care or for a great do - it - yourself weekend buying waxing products and applying it to a great polishing finish. Everybody is after such esthetic value that they have been treating themselves to be experts on this field, hence they have shared information on car detailing with other owners and have turn it into a major myth within the neighborhood. Some are quite helpful but as research shows, people don't have at least half of the idea on what they are doing and eventually cause their car's wellbeing. So, if you think of yourself as an expert, you might want to take a second look through this article.

Car detailing is the simple task of keeping the paint of the car to adhere for the longest time. Also, through car detailing dust and dirt on the car's exterior would be washed out in order to prevent any possible destruction on the car paint. People know this for a fact but still commit few of the many mistakes. Car detailing Vancouver shops, along with their experts, have come together in order to share the new and true facts behind the bad ways that people are handling their car detailing maintenance duties.

Waxing your car too much is quite okay and it does bring out the best of your car's paint. Remember the saying that anything in excess is not quite good? Well, this saying does apply it in this first common misconception amongst car owners and car care facilities. Car waxing products contain abrasive chemicals or substances that are use for thoroughly cleaning and giving your car paint a squeaky clean and polish appearance. Having to apply wax does clean your car's exterior from dust and dirt to build - up, but it could possibly cause a damage of the paint if you wax it three times a day. Despite the small concentration of abrasive chemicals or substances that are ideally working for simply dust cleaning and protective barrier, these could build - up and generate a greater side effect of paint peeling.

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It is very acceptable to wax your car once a year for longer protective value provided to the car's paint, rather than waxing it each and every day. This is circulating so - called myth is quite true, for those people who are simply concern or eyeing to hit the goal of protecting the car's paint. But this would be a flawed truth if your goal is also to enhance the paint of your car. It is known that car waxing products, especially the synthetic polymer based wax or sealant, would not only protect but also enhance the car's paint if used occasionally.

Pure Carnauba waxes are more effective in protecting and enhancing the car's paint than synthetic waxes. Ladies and gentlemen, a little reminder from our friendly car detailing Vancouver experts of numerous car care shops, there is no such thing as a single product that could do almost everything for your car. Also, there is no such thing as a pure Carnauba wax. Pure Brazilian Carnauba wax is impossible to use when it is in its natural state, hence product manufacturers blend the product and process it with other ingredients. A little minute experts' teaching: synthetic waxes outlasts carnauba wax in terms of durability but the latter is better at keeping the "cover and hide" function of car paint blemishes in check.

Applying the wax in a single motion or in a back and forth motion would on leave any marks rather than the circular motion of wax application. This is completely and utterly not true. With the right amount of wax and pressure on application, no wax markings or excessive wax on your car surface are to be seen. So, try this and you'll be amaze on the great protection and enhancement that the paint gives.

These are the four unwanted bad habits of car owners that car detailing Vancouver experts would like to correct through the four proven and test facts on hand. Stay on the right side of the truth and let us together unlearn the old ways in order to welcome a new, rightful and refreshing means to keep your car well protected and enhance its own beauty!

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